March 18, 2021

14 - Erik Armstrong

For this episode I talked to Erik about the 82nd Airborne, his time fighting the Iraq War and his time hopping around in the Afghanistan War. We also talked about the importance of training, good leadership, working with army...

Iraq Army Afghanistan

March 06, 2021

11 - Nick Burkert

Hey everyone, in this episode I sat down to talk to Nick Burkert, a veteran of the famous 82nd Airborne Division. He did two tours through Iraq and one in eastern Afghanistan, before finishing out his career as a recruiter. H...

Afghanistan Army Iraq

March 01, 2021

09 - Doug Hawthorne - Part II

This is the second half of my interview with Doug Hawthorne. We discuss his second deployment to Iraq, his time in eastern Afghanistan, and we talk a lot of shop about IEDs. Doug makes the great point that you can't understan...

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February 12, 2021

06 - William Fabrocini

Joining me on this episode is an old platoon mate of mine from the Marines, William Fabrocini. If we seem too chummy on the episode, that's why. He deployed to the same town, Marjah, on back to back deployments, and got to se...

Afghanistan Marine Corps

February 10, 2021

05 - Yonel Dorelis

For today's episode I sat down with Yonel Dorelis, a career helicopter pilot. We talked about his time in the Marines, the Navy, the Air National Guard, and the Air Force. He's a recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Fly...

Afghanistan Air Force Army Iraq Marine Corps Navy

February 06, 2021

04 - Annette Wittenberger

Just a heads up for everyone, this episode deals with PTSD and some other heavy topics. If that's hard for you, you might want to skip this one. Annette and I talked about her 17 years in the army, and how the army has change...

Afghanistan Army Iraq

January 29, 2021

02 - Danny Zientek

I sat down with Danny to talk about his unique perspective on the Iraq war. He did three tours across Iraq, and got see the major phases of the war up close. He also spent some time in the mountains of Afghanistan. Make sure ...

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